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Kewel Links

Give Us A Link: One Of the best unnofficial Sweet sites on the net. Very informative, with loads of pictures, and info. This one is out of the Sweden.

Home Sweet Home: Another one of the best unnofficial Sweet web sites on the net. Very informative, great graffics, and pictures. This one is out of the UK.

The Sweet www site: A great Sweet site with a complete discography, and lyric search.

Steve Priest Photo Album: Link here to go directly to a photo album of me from the "Give Us A Link Web Site".

Sweet Chat Room: Make sure you stop by my non-java official Sweet Chat Room. I pop by from time to time, so hope to talk to you!

Sweet Chat Room: This new java enabled Sweet chat room allows those of you with java to chat!
^^java enabled^^

The Sweet Messageboard: Make sure you stop my exclusive Sweet Messageboard, hosted by me!

CD NOW: Link here to see what's available by Sweet at cd now. You can order anything you like online. Link here to visit The Sweet news group.

The Interactive Captain Janks Web Site: Check out Captain Janks' crank call web site!


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The Official

Greetings! Welcome to my official web site! Please don't forget to SIGN MY GUESTBOOK, so I know you were here!

This site was designed to give you up to date information on what I've been up to, and also to provide you with a way to order my new tell-all book, "Are You Ready, Steve?".

I have also included some links to some of the best Sweet related sites on the net including my official Sweet Messageboard, and two chat rooms, one java enabled, and one non-java enabled.

I have also created a Web Poll for you to vote on what you'd consider to be your favorite Sweet album. Vote below:

Favorite Sweet Album Poll
What's your favorite Sweet Album

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Thanks to you all for visiting, and I hope you'll stop back often for new info, or just to say hi!

Since August 1998