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Steve's Links

Below is a list of links to some friends' sites that are worth visiting. Hope you enjoy!

Link here to visit a site from the president of the Sweet Fan Club in The United States, Suezy House!

Stop by my old friend, and bandmate Stuart Smith's site. He's got a new album coming out soon called "Heavan And Earth". It has some supurb guitar playing by Stuart, heavy hitting band mates the likes of Joe Lynn Turner, Richie Sambora, and one track that I play on!

Highway Star: Stop by Deep Purple's official site! Great pictures' and tour date listings!

Keith Emerson: Keith Emerson's personal page!

Joe Lynn Turner: Check out Joe Lynn Turner's personal page!

Carmine Appice: Drummer Carmine Appice, with his official web site!

Richie Blackmore: The official Ritchie Blackmore site!

Howard Leese: Howard Leese's official web site!

Richie Sambora: Bon Jovi guitarist, Richie Sambora's personal site!

Visit Ralph Grimm at:

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