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Off The Record: Sweet Facts!
"Sweet- Live In Denmark 1976"

One of the most defining characteristics of Sweet's live shows' in the 70's was their never ending sense of humor, and what has come to be known as "overt sexual nature". Anyone that has ever seen the original band play live would agree that rock bands of today such as Mötley Crüe, Def Leppard, and even Van Halen base the foundation for their live shows on what Sweet was doing 10 years earlier.

The only difference however, was that in the early 70's, what is taken for granted by rock acts of today, was nothing shy of against the law back then. (On one unfortunate occasion, even landing lead vocalist Brian Connolly, and bass player Steve Priest in jail for their on-stage antics.)

Oddly enough, only one of their live performances (The Rainbow Concert, 1973) was ever captured and officially released on an album.

"Sweet- Live In Denmark 1976" was originally recorded in the city of Odense, Denmark in mid 1976 on a cassette tape through the sound board by Sweet's sound engineer, Scott Griffin (who also co-wrote "Love Is Like Oxygen" with Andy Scott three years later.) The cassette eventually made it's way into the hands of Sweet manager, Ed Leffler who kept it in his office until he died almost 15 years later.

After Sweet bass player Steve Priest was notified of Ed's death, he was shipped a box of "Sweet" related items found in Ed's office. Steve:

I was totally unaware that I had it. It had been given to me with a load of other stuff that had been cleared of Ed Leffler's office after he died. It had not been played in twenty years! I listened to a couple minutes of music, and realized that I should stop in case I ruined the cassette. My friend and writing companion Brett Ericson put the cassette straight on to CD keeping the integrity of the cassette together."

This live recording hails from the "Give Us A Wink" tour, and features many songs from that album on it such as "Yesterday's Rain", "Cockroach",and "Healer", along with other Sweet classics' such as "Ballroom Blitz", "Action", and "Fox On The Run".

Since there is little to no editing of the actual show, many of Sweet's on stage antics (which are not heard on the "Rainbow" concert recordings) are clearly heard throughout this performance. On one track entitled "Man With The Golden Arm", Sweet drummer Mick Tucker can clearly be heard saying "Thank you, morons!" to the unsuspecting Denmark audience.

During "AC/DC", singer Brian Connolly can be heard singing the alternate lyrics "You know chicks, they ain't got no dicks'. We seen slags, but they all look like fags".

Even the popular Sweet "hits" were subject to comedic-inspired lyric changes, as during "Ballroom Blitz" when Steve Priest happily sings "And the man in the back is ready to crap as he raises his arse to the sky. And the girl in the corner is everyone's mourner, she can kill you with a wink of her clitoris."

At one point, Brian can even be heard slurring his words during the introduction of "Restless", referring to the track's parent album as the "Fanny apples atoms album".

All in all, this CD is an absolute must for any Sweet fan. It captures the true essence of a Sweet live show in the 70's like no other existing recording of the band. It's raw, and utterly unedited contents, make this CD fit in very well with live concert shows of the 90's, proving straight away that Sweet paved the way for many of today's top rock acts almost 25 years ago.

If there is anyone reading this, that attended this concert in 1976, Steve Priest would like you to e-mail your memories in your own words of the show to the webmaster. All stories submitted will be posted on this page.

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