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Off The Record: Sweet Facts!
"Big Apple Waltz"

Once lead singer Brian Connolly left The Sweet in late 1978, the band was left to continue recording as a three piece. The resulting effort was an album called "Cut Above The Rest".

Although this album never recieved the critical acclaim it rightly deserved, it may be the pinnicle of the true sound of Sweet.

This album also was for some of the band members, recorded during what might have been the most turbulent time of their lives, and was projected through the lyrics' in some of the tracks on "Cut Above The Rest".

One track imparticular is a ballad called "Big Apple Waltz", which was also the second single from the album. While writing credits went to lead guitarist Andy Scott, and Bassist Steve Priest, it was primarily written by Steve about his love for his girlfriend at the time, Maureen, and his longing to be back in New York City.

Steve Priest:

I wrote this song in England when me and Maureen had been apart for what seemed like ages. I had left my first wife and was homeless. I lived at the recording studio. I was very lonely and wanted to get back to New York and Maureen where I felt I belonged.

Andy wrote the bridge, and I wrote the rest. We recorded it at the Townhouse Studio in wonderful Shepherd's Bush, where The Who came from.

We were apart for months. Andy knew this song meant a lot to me and had a dreadful time putting down a lead guitar solo. Mick complained that it wasn't really a waltz! Maureen, who is now my wife, was very flattered with the whole thing.

When I asked Steve what his favorite Sweet track is, he told me that while "Action" is his ultimate favorite, "Big Apple Waltz" is his most endearing favorite. This particular track, and the album it hails from, I would truly consider, a cut above the rest!

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