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Off The Record: Sweet Facts!
"4th Of July"

One of the standout tracks on Sweet's 1976 heavy metal opus "Give Us A Wink", is a track called "4th Of July". To one listening to this track for the first time, the band's trademark multi-layer vocals, smart guitar licks played by Andy Scott, and excellent production quality in general, would be a lasting first impression to a casual fan of their music.

To a die-hard Sweet fan, it's a staple in there musical diet.

The track's theme is that of an American holiday known as Independance Day, celebrated on the July 4th, and the good times that usually go along with it. Sweet Bass player Steve Priest on the song's inception:

"We thought it would be a good idea to write a song that America could relate to.

The opening line was from an experience I had a few years before it was written. It was one of our roadies 21st birthday, and we celebrated it at a gig. He was buying champagne and also plying me with whiskey.

Eventually I was so out of it that one minute I was standing up, the next minute I was flat on my face and I didn't think I had moved. It was just like the floor coming up at me.

My dad was not amused when Mick helped me up the garden path!"

Although "Give Us A Wink" saw the release of only two singles, ("Action" and "Lies In Your Eyes"), the potential of their being others was great. It was believed by some involved at the time of it's recording, that this song would fit the bill as a possible single. Steve:

"I could see this as being a single but it seems I was in the minority there. Good old management and record company again!"

An alternate demo version of this track can be found on the 1995 compilation release of "Platinum Rare", featured without overdubs and in Andy Scott's opinion, it "highlights some of the band's influences".

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